Lotr Dwarf Dress up Game
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Dwarf Scene Maker
Dwarf Scene Maker - Characters - Fantasy - Exclusive

Dress up male and female dwarves from the series Lord of the Rings. A secretive yet sturdy people, they live underground in the heart of mountains, and are skilled in the arts of creating weapons, armor, and jewelry. In this game you’ll find full body customization including beards for both genders (Tolkien’s idea), a customizable puffy dress for the lady dwarf, manly clothes and armor for the male, lots of swords and weapons. These two characters are part of a larger dress up game, the Lord of the Rings Scene Maker.

  The Dwarf Scene Maker was created as a collaboration between DollDivine and AzaleasDolls: Art by Azalea / DollDivine; programming by DollDivine.

Dwarves Scene Maker
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