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Dress up Red Riding Hood from the fairy tale, with cute folklore dresses and 8 styles of red hoods, capes or coats to wear over her outfit. Choose her hairstyle and hair color, and change her expression, from joyful to suspicious. And pick the perfect basket to carry through the woods!

  The Little Red Riding Hood is a folk tale that has been circulating in Europe for a thousand years. The best known versions are Little Red Cap, recorded in the 1800s by the Brothers Grimm, and Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, recorded in the 1600s by Charles Perrault. In the French version, the story ends with the wolf devouring the girl! With a warning of course, not to trust strangers. The German version is much more gentle with the hunter delivering the young girl and her grand-mother from the belly of the wolf; and in the final paragraph, the old lady and Little Red are able to outwit on their own another wolf who knocks on their door.
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Little Red Riding Hood Game
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