Mouse and Cheese Game
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Mouse and Cheese
Mouse and Cheese - Action

Guide the mouse to the cheese! Move and use objects to create a path. To move an object, click on it then select an arrow; they can all move except rocks.
In some levels you need to click on the mouse to make it move one step at a time. When the path is ready, click on the cheese!


  Level 1: Super easy, barely an inconvenience
Level 7: Use the box twice
Level 8: An object may need to go past the cheese
Level 9: Dynamite to the rescue!
Level 16: Line up the cages, and re-use an item twice
Level 17: A box goes way left
Level 19: Save a box
Level 24: Dynamite will make the cheese drop down
Level 26: Save a jar to the right, save a box to the right, and boom! Staircase
Level 31: Stack a box and a jar on the right
Level 32: Left most jar to the right
Level 35: One solution in the screenshot below
Level 38: Dynamite to the left; stack cages; cover with jars
Level 40: Dynamite to the right

Mouse and Cheese
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