Color Me Lolita Dress up Game
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Color Me Lolita
Color Me Lolita - Lolita Fashion

Dress up a classic Lolita with adorable ponchos, coats and sweaters to layer over the shirts and skirts. You'll also find cat and bunny stockings with lots of shoes to choose from, and other Lolita accessories like ultra girly purses, cat ears and literally a "cat hat". Complete her look with eyeglasses, headphones, band-aids... This game has a unique coloring system: first choose a color scheme from the 102 (!) available palettes. As you dress your doll, click on the color picker icon (top left corner) to tinker with your selected item's color within the cheme you have initially chosen. Note that you can select the hair, eyes, underwear and background to change their color.


Cat and flower design