Solitaire Classic Game
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Classic Solitaire - Card Game

Goal: turning all the cards on the tableau, to build all suits from ace to king.

How to play:

  When you encounter an ace, place it in its proper spot above the tableau, in this order: hearts, spade, clubbs, diamond.
Once an ace is placed up there, add 2, 3, 4 etc of the same suit whenever you can.

On the tableau, create sequences that alternate red and black. Ex: move a red five on a black six, or move a black ten on a red jack.
When you encounter a king, place it in an empty spot on top of the tableau if there is one.

Use the deck in the left hand corner to help build red/black sequences on the tableau and build the suits over the aces. Repeat until you are stuck, which means you lose, or until all cards are turned on the tableau, which is a win: start building the suits over the aces, and watch the cards finish the job automatically!

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