Mermaid Doll Maker / Dress up Game
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Mermaid Doll Maker
Mermaid Dollmaker - Fantasy - Mermaids

Create a beautiful mermaid with lots of options for tail thickness and types of fins, two layers of gorgeous fantasy tops, detailed belts and other mermaid accessories. Customize the background with options for three separate layers. This game has an option for an actopus mermaid!

  Instructions for the background:
Panel 1: The blue square turns background items on or off. The suns are filters. The first palette governs a filter and the 2nd palette governs the main background color.
Panel 2: Three layers of items. Make sure the proper palette is selected when applying color. Note: the water surface button (top layer) has a glitch; this option appears when selecting the 2nd button of this row.

Cat and flower design