Alice in Wonderland Dress up Game
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Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland - Exclusive - Characters

Fall with Alice into the rabbit hole! (simply click on the white rabbit). Use the mirror to change her face, then use the new buttons that appear to choose her hairstyle and design her outfit. The clothing options are centered around a Lolita dress with patterns that you can layer, though there are also options to create a more casual, modern look for Alice. To navigate between backgrounds, click on Dinah the cat to go back, and on the white rabbit to go forward.

Hints: In the woods, wait for the white rabbit to appear (click on him then on the castle). Once at the castle, click on the Queen of Hearts to customize her, and click on Alice as a shortcut to the rabbit hole. When the Hatter and the Queen have been visited once, shortcuts to them appear in the rabbit hole so that you can easily alter Alice and go back and forth while dressing those characters.

Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts
Cat and flower design