Family Barn - Social Game by Plinga
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Family Barn
Family Barn - Management / Social Game

Featuring beautiful graphics, cute animals, and friendly characters, Family Barn is the most enjoyable farming experience around! You will begin with a small plot of land, which you will need to manage and build on. Expand your farm, care for your animals and manage your resources. Watch your crops grow and even speed things up with some useful tools which you can unlock along the way. You can use your crops to feed your animals, to sell and make money or even to create more wonderful items such as cakes and toys.  How you run your farm is up to you! You can challenge yourself by completing orders for customers in time or taking part in fun and ever changing missions.

Work with friends to achieve your goals! Give gifts and create a wish list, farming is so much easier and enjoyable when you help one another. 
You can even keep up to date with your friends and visit their farms, whether it’s to compare it with yours or to help them out by watering their crops.

Each week there are two updates which bring new twists, items, missions and more to Family Barn.

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Family Barn
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